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My new book Filter This is available in all bookshops NOW and on Audible and Kindle.

What’s it about….?

Ali Jones is hell-bent on achieving her #lifegoals: 10,000 Instagram followers and a win at the upcoming Glossie Influencer Awards. So when she inadvertently leads people to believe she is sporting a baby bump and immediately gains thousands of followers, she realises that the Mummy Influencer wave could be her ticket to Insta-success, even if off-screen it feels like her life is falling apart with what's happening to her beloved dad. 

But then Tinder Sam, Ali's one-night-stand, resurfaces and seems determined to take his new role as baby daddy seriously. And falling for Sam is definitely not part of Ali's plan. 

Meanwhile, Ireland's biggest influencer (and Ali's idol) Shelly Divine has it all ... at least on paper. But beneath the immaculately curated feed, cracks are appearing. Shelly harbours a secret from her followers and, more importantly, her husband - but who will be the first to discover what she's been hiding? 

As the Glossies approach, what will it take for the women realise what's truly important before they lose what matters most?

What’s it like….?

Set in the world of Instagram and with overtones of Sophie Kinsella’s Confessions of a Shopaholic and Dawn O’Porter’s The Cows, Filter This is packed with darkly humorous observations and insights, with its finger firmly on the pulse of our social media culture.

When’s it OUT?

NOW bbz!

What’s NEXT?

My next book, Unfiltered is available to PREORDER NOW…. from WATERSTONES or AMAZON.

It’s hard to give a decent synopsis without spoilering Filter This but here’s what I can say…

In UNFILTERED, our fave Instahuns, Ali and Shelly return for more boomerangs, bitching and boards.ie.

Despite Ali being a pariah in the insta scene, it turns out that followers love a bit of scandal and she’s more popular than ever – though for all the wrong reasons. When Amy Donoghue steps in to rehabilitate her image, Ali realises she may have to wade once more into the grubby insta-hole.  

Meanwhile Shelly is trying to settle into her new life as a single parent while being held hostage by her mysterious insta-stalker whose sole objective – to keep Shelly on Instagram – is as bizarre as it is alarming. Why do they care? Who are they? With @HolisticHazel immersed in creating WYND festival (her answer to the Goop Summit) and @PollysFewBits being as non-descript, as ever, Shelly must get to the bottom of it herself. 

When Ali starts attending Catfishers Anonymous as a part of Amy’s plan for Image Rehab, she inadvertently stumbles on the key to Shelly’s stalker issue.

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