Mother of Pod is back very soon but in the meantime, here’s a semi-Halloweeny episode from the archive ;) Its super catchy title is… RELIGION, GHOSTS AND SINGALONG FUNERALS

On this week’s episode of’s The Spill, we talked all about how the men are doing post #MeToo, whether or not we are finally over the Sexy Witch Halloween costume and dish on our latest book and podcast obsessions Listen here or subscribe on iTunes.

For this week's column for, I wrote a spooky short story. It’s called The Island.


Also I forgot to share the last two piece I wrote for them cuz I am so crap and life-ing sometimes.

“Post-#MeToo, I find myself frequently mired in infuriating conversations with men on the subject of consent, equal pay and (eye-rolling-so-hard-I-may-cause-myself-injury) men's rights. The not-all-men-camp basically. Please note I am not the person bringing up these debates because much of the time, I don't have the energy – sorry if that sounds like cop-out central but I am very, very tired and also because I am a woman, at all times a small co-pilot in my brain is whispering "don't piss him off, this could escalate".

And my co-pilot isn't being crazy or hysterical or any other words we put on women's emotions to invalidate them. The co-pilot is just remembering past experiences and advising caution. Usually, I find that men are so busy arguing that "not all men would intimidate or hurt a woman" that they cannot seem to grasp that so many do, on such a vast and terrifying scale, that it is verging on a systemic practise in our culture. And that equipping ourselves against the potential threat is as ingrained in us as drinking water.”


I also ate the absolute hell out of NYC* and wrote about it HERE

*And could not look any smugger about it

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Also I write book reviews for the Sunday Independent none of which I have ever shared becasuse I'm so forgetful but here are some recent ones should you be interested! (Click on the pic to read the review).