In exciting news, we are doing our first LIVE episode of The Spill at the end of this month. This will take the form of a panel discussion with two Irish authors whose work I love, Louise McSharry (Fat Chance) and Emilie Pine (Notes To Self). The panel is called Earthly Bodies and will explore how women's bodies are treated in the culture, the radical act of self-love and how our relationship with our bodies is one of the most important (and difficult) in our life. COME! There'll be drinks and nibbles and brilliant women talking about boobs, vadge and everything in between. Tickets are available here

This week's episode of Mother Of Pod is here...

This week on Mother Of Pod, we chat to FRESH MUM, Jen Stevens editor of Irish Country Magazine about new motherhood, her difficult journey to baby land and how NOBODY FUCKING TELLS YOU!!!

Mother Of Pod got the most incredible review from Emer McLysaght (of OMGWACA!!!!) in her Sunday Business Post culture column Appetite For Distraction. So that's the highlight of my year... donzo!  I can go back to bed now. I snapped pic incase you might be in the mood to read some fabulous things being said about me and Jen. 


This week's episode of's The Spill is here... We're discussing the back to school buzz and why, in September, we’re all about turning over new leaves and making new resolutions. In this week's Hit Me Up, Rhona advises a woman who is being fat shamed by her family.

For this week's column for, I interviewed Lisa. Just a few years after they were married, Lisa's husband, Dave became gravely ill. A liver transplant saved him, she told me about the limbo of life on the transplant list and the series of miracles that saved her husband


This week's Sunday Independent column is also here...


Also I write book reviews for the Sunday Independent none of which I have ever shared becasuse I'm so forgetful but here are some recent ones should you be interested! (Click on the pic to read the review).