New podcast friends!!! This one kicks off with five – yes FIVE!!! – episodes to smash into your earholes!

The Creep Dive is hosted by me, Jen O’Dwyer and Cassie Delaney. Every episode we investigate and report on the lesser known details of the bizarre stories that made the headlines. From con artists to encounters with the supernatural, we delve deeper than any normal person has time for. It’s all that shit you wind up reading on a wikipedia deep dive while procrastinating and stressing about important things you’re not doing. We save you the time and every week do the leg work on the internet’s biggest creeps.

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The new Mother Of Pod is here! From auto-fellating, tongue-ties and talking shit about the nation's sweethearts to reminiscing about soggy biscuit, THAT Ricky Martin fan and unearthing the truth behind Seb's refusal to jizz out another baby for Sophie to smell, tbh It might be our most random episode yet. LISTEN HERE! Or subscribe on iTunes or wherever you get your pods.

On the latest episode of’s The Spill, Rhona and I talk regrets and resolutions, we chat to Sarah Tyrell about how to make goals and still be body positive. We also discuss a listener dilemma concerning friends shaming each other over past behaviour. Listen here or subscribe on iTunes.

This week’s column was all about our obsession with documentaries. READ IT HERE

Also got to try out a fantastic yoga retreat last October and wrote about it here.

Also wrote about our love of routine and rituals for the last issue of IMAGE magazine…


Aaaand finally first Domestic of the new year was all about carbs natch…


And lastly this week’s Sunday Indo column…

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