Sophie White’s first book, the critically acclaimed Recipes for a Nervous Breakdown (Gill 2016) was shortlisted for the BGE Irish Book Awards.

She has written a weekly column The Domestic for the Sunday Independent LIFE magazine for seven years, she also writes regularly for the Sunday Independent, IMAGE magazine,, the Irish Independent and The Pool (UK) and has been nominated twice for Journalist of the Year at the Irish Magazine Awards. White has also dabbled in stand up and wrote the comedy sketch series Mums One-upping for (parenting-focused sister site to and She also created the mini cooking series Recipes For Actual Real Life commissioned by RTE and transmitted exclusively on their online player. She is co-host of the chart-topping podcasts, Mother Of Pod (comedy), The Creep Dive (comedy) and The Spill (culture and commentary) by She has a First Class Honours Degree in Sculpture from NCAD. Her second book and first novel, Filter This (Hachette) is out on September 5th.

Some people saying nice things:

White’s debut is “a genre-crossing gem that mixes memoir, recipes and rants. It’s not so much a breath of fresh air as a gale-force wind that will force a new conversation on a range of semi-taboo topics: the ambiguities of motherhood, her own drug-induced mental illness, having a parent with Alzheimer’s disease.” (Irish Examiner)

“Sophie White speaks with startling honesty. And she’s funny. Very funny. She brings both of those fine qualities to her book.” (Irish Examiner)

“I love Sophie White’s writing, she’s something pretty special. How many other writers combine compassion, love, humour, pathos… as beautifully as this?!” (Maia Dunphy)

“Fact: Sophie White is a remarkably astute and perceptive woman and a fabulous writer.” (Stefanie Preissner)

“A book that is both beautifully honest and simply delicious.” (Graham Norton via Twitter but screw you, it counts!)

My new book: Filter This

Set in the world of Instagram and with overtones of Sophie Kinsella’s Confessions of a Shopaholic and Dawn O’Porter’s The Cows, Filter This is packed with darkly humorous observations and insights, with its finger firmly on the pulse of our social media culture.

What’s it about….?

Ali Jones is hell-bent on achieving her #lifegoals: 10,000 Instagram followers and a win at the upcoming Glossie Influencer Awards. So when she inadvertently leads people to believe she is sporting a baby bump and immediately gains thousands of followers, she realises that the Mummy Influencer wave could be her ticket to Insta-success, even if off-screen it feels like her life is falling apart with what's happening to her beloved dad. 

But then Tinder Sam, Ali's one-night-stand, resurfaces and seems determined to take his new role as baby daddy seriously. And falling for Sam is definitely not part of Ali's plan. 

Meanwhile, Ireland's biggest influencer (and Ali's idol) Shelly Divine has it all ... at least on paper. But beneath the immaculately curated feed, cracks are appearing. Shelly harbours a secret from her followers and, more importantly, her husband - but who will be the first to discover what she's been hiding? 

As the Glossies approach, what will it take for the women realise what's truly important before they lose what matters most?

When’s it OUT?

5th of September BUUUUUUT if you pre-order it from Easons, Dubray Books or Amazon that’d be class.

My First Book: Recipes For A Nervous Breakdown

Highly original cookery debut cum memoir capturing the voice of the millennial generation

From a foray into madness as a result of dabbling in recreational drugs to surviving her mother and her son - her arch nemeses and her two favourite people in the whole wide world, from meeting and falling in love with Himself and contemplating running away from it all on the eve of her wedding, to losing her father in his fifties to early onset Alzheimer's disease - and eating, always eating: Sophie White’s food philosophy is firmly based in the real world where hearts get broken, cake gets eaten and food has a role to play in almost every occasion.  

Refreshingly honest and hilariously observed, Recipes for a Nervous Breakdown captures the challenges faced by the modern millennial woman with a recipe to accompany every life landmark. Including dishes such as a Fried Peanut Butter Sandwich, Fried Chicken and Deep Fried Mars Bar, it it is also a refreshing departure from the hordes of healthy eating cookbooks that have appeared in recent years.

Recipes For A Nervous Breakdown is available to buy HERE.